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Yoga is everywhere all the time....!

For me, yoga is about mindfulness and presence in all we do. So today my yoga consisted of a short mat practice and later a trail run in Nature, through mud and wet with the changing weather swirling beautifully around me. With trail running you can’t help but stay really focused on the present moment, as each step is placed quickly and thoughtfully amidst the ever changing ground beneath you.

This is not dissimilar to stepping through everyday life!

See if you can find more presence and clarity tomorrow in some of the steps you take between the obstacles - this might be a deadline you need to meet, your manager‘s observation of your work, feeling inadequate, or a colleague‘s criticism of you.

As with trail running, feel your feet grounding, feel your body in space , listen to your breath....this may be enough to bring you right into the present moment. Exactly where your Yoga needs to take place!!


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