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And I thought Triathlons' were tough!

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

As a competitive athlete and triathlon coach I thought I knew exactly what it meant to work hard. Yet setting up my own Hot Yoga studio has been so tough that I am sure I could attempt the next Iron Man without any training at all!

But here's the thing...

I have loved every minute of this new chapter of my life.

Not many people can look this good while riding a bike

I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of that in this, the first of hopefully many entries in my website journal, I want to implore you to do the same.

If you have a dream that you want to achieve and for whatever reason; no time, not the right time, to many commitments etc. then please do this...

make the time (just ten minutes is all you need) to simply sit, distraction free (that means no phone and no Facebook scrolling) and make a commitment to yourself to start on the path to making your dream come true.

We can all find ten minutes.

Wake up ten minutes eariler. Turn the TV off for one evening. Take a drive out in the car and park up somewhere quiet. Take a train or bus to the next town and sit in a coffee shop.

Take out a pen and paper and at the very top of a clean blank page...write out your dream.

Then, below it write all the things that are holding you back from making that dream real. Be honest with yourself. If your simply lazy, then write that down. 'I'm just plain lazy!" Being honest with yourself is the starting point to realising just how great you can be.

Next, write out a list of what you can do, today, to bring that dream one step closer.

All you are simply doing is making a plan. This is so important. Remember - "A dream without a plan is just a wish. "

Make today the day you stop wishing and start planning.

Have a great week and don't forget to come along and try a class, it will be great to meet you.


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Scotty..... sending positive vibes across the web for your new venture. If luck determines the outcome, then fate will dictate 'what will be, will be'. However, if your hard work, passion and personal drive have any influence then I'm sure that your dream will become a reality. Best wishes......


Samantha Padmore
Samantha Padmore
Apr 11, 2018

Love this! Dreams really can become reality when you find your path. Sam


Apr 11, 2018

Great story mate. Really enjoyed reading it. Best of luck with your new studio, I will come to a class next time i am in the area. Regards. David

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