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release stress

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  • Do you suffer from long Covid?

  • Need help with your Breathing?

  • Suffer from stress or anxiety?

  • Want to improve sporting performance?


I can help.


I'm a Certified Oxygen Advantage Breathing Instructor working 1 to 1 with clients.  Book a free telephone consultation by emailing me at or message me on 07534 851143.

Breathe Well!     Scott  xx

transformative Yoga with Scott
This site is not about me, it's about YOU!
Do you want to reduce the effects of stress on yourself?  Want to live a healthier life and reach your full potential as a human being?
Then I'm here to help you.  Most of us want to become the best version of ourself; we want to find a lasting change, a transformation that will lead us to performing better as a human being and living a happier, healthier life in all areas:
  • physically - being stronger and more supple in life's activities and the sports we love
  • mentally - less brain fog, less distracted, less mental chatter, more clarity
  • emotionally - more balanced, more relaxed, more resilient to stress
The name Myogabody was borne out of the awe I feel about the miraculous human body, in which our personal experience of life is rooted. This is also where our sense of happiness comes from.  From within.  From your body.
What has really worked for me is a breath-based mindful movement practice, in which the unifying powers of the breath, body and brain combine to create the best version of ourself, a happier human being.  The following 3 pillars underpin the yoga that I offer:
  • Breath - breathe better 
  • Body - move better
  • Brain - manage stress better
Breath + Body + Brain = Better performance = a Better life
1. BREATH - conscious breathwork immediately connects you to your body and the present moment.  Many people do not breathe well, so learning to breathe effectively will release your body from trapped tension, and trigger your brain into a series of physiological responses that benefit you immensely, such as dealing better with your response to stress, feeling deeper relaxation, better sleep, clearer thinking, better performance and many others.  Let's learn to breathe better.
2. BODY - movement can be Yin (soft/still) and Yang (stronger/dynamic) and, through this blend of yin and yang, you'll create a stronger and deeper connection to your body and to yourself, whilst building the twin qualities of strength and flexibility.  Does your body sometimes feel tight, inflexible, 'stuck' or 'trapped'?  Let's learn to move better.
3. BRAINfocused attention, or mindful awareness, or meditation, are practices that can be done in their own right, or woven into a yoga practice or indeed into any part of your life.  These will help to release you from the shackles of constant stress and anxiety.  Through relaxation you can build resilience to stress.  You can come home, back to your body.  Want to manage stress better?
Then hop on board!  I've brought these miraculous elements of our body into a Yoga practice that allows you to feel good about yourself and to create lasting change.
So let's create YOUR miraculous myogabody!  Please join me...


learn to breathe well and unlock your full potential



learn to move more fluidly and strongly like water



escape your head and come down to earth, into your body




become a high performing human in all your activities


breathe better

move better

release stress

perform better

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